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ShadowTech Labs (STL), Inc. is a service disabled veteran-owned small business (VOSB) founded in 2012 to meet the growing needs of the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and Critical Infrastructure facilities worldwide. Our research & development and management teams are comprised of subject matter experts with generations of tactical and technical experience in securing high-level facilities where consequences of system failure result in the loss of billions of dollars, thousands of lives, or hundreds of years (environmental impact).

Since our inception, we have worked with both military and civilian security professionals, tasked with protecting our country’s most critical assets, to develop an in-depth understanding of tomorrow’s needs and to evaluate future threats. Our time spent with these professionals has allowed us to prioritize our research and development focus and to provide a unique blend of tactical and technical products.

ShadowTech’s focus on bringing unique solutions and products in the form of leading-edge technologies has powered our company’s dominance of the nuclear security market. Over the past few years we have installed SENTINEL Rapid Deployment Kits for compensatory measures, early warning/overwatch systems, video analytic systems, infrared perimeter intrusion detection systems, underwater swimmer detection systems, and, most recently, a robotic swimmer detection testing device for a nuclear generating station. Our ability to design, manufacture, and install solutions for the highly regulated and tested nuclear industry demonstrates the depth and quality of our abilities and products.

Our military systems section, after a careful analysis of after-action reports, has designed, engineered, manufactured, and installed several highly technical projects. Our turnkey solutions focus on addressing battlefield threats and enhancing force multiplication capabilities. Our solutions create a net-centric common operating picture providing enhanced situational awareness. Our product line includes systems focused on: Area of Operations Dominance, rapid deployment, early-warning, perimeter security, and C5 systems. These solutions operate over encrypted wireless tactical 4G/5G LTE, hardwired, or in combination. Our solutions are low SWaP+C optimized (size, weight, and power, plus cost) and have been deployed in the current operational battlefield, nuclear industry, and the DOE.

Failure Is Not An Option.