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A manufacturer with both tactical and technical physical security expertise, ShadowTech Labs provides innovative and customized-to-mission, rapidly deployable, security products: enhancing the lethality and survivability of warfighters.

Our Product Foundations


Our proprietary, overarching data management, analysis, and transport architecture found across our product offerings


Our proprietary, easy to use, and powerful graphical user interface (GUI)


 Our various customized-to-mission, ruggedized, rapidly deployable, kitted form-factors of VANGUARD and OVERWATCH

All kits and products are designed to seamlessly build upon and integrate with each other, providing a layered security approach and common operating picture across the network and entire area of operations.

Our Products

SENTINEL Expeditionary Security Kit (ESK)

Designed for forward-deployed units operating in hostile and unknown threat environments, SENTINEL ESK is a rapidly deployable, net-centric, self-sustaining, scalable force protection kit.

SENTINEL Small Team Security Kit (STSK)

Designed to meet the requirements of a 12-person team on 12 to 48-hour missions, the STSK is a flexible, rapidly deployable, self-sustained, multi-sensor, intrusion detection, assessment, and communications kit.

SENTINEL-911 Perimeter Security Kit

A scaled-down version of our powerful and proven defense and nuclear market rapidly deployable, modular, self-sustaining, perimeter security solution. Designed specifically for domestic emergency and disaster response requirements.

Safe House Operations Kit (SHOK)

 A security and situational awareness kit based on specific special operator collaboration, SHOK is extremely lightweight, covert, and full of artificial intelligence functionality.

VIRTUS Security System Command Center Kit

Built on ShadowTech’s powerful VANGUARD data management architecture and OVERWATCH user interface, VIRTUS offers an integrated full-site Security System Command Center.

ITUS Dual Sensor Perimeter Security Tower Kit

ITUS is a rapidly deployable dual technology tower, utilizing infrared sensors and thermal imaging cameras providing both alarm assessment and video analytics for detection.

Active Infrared Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

US Air Force approved Active Infrared IDS towers provide perimeter security in any extreme environment including applications where other sensors are challenged.

Active Infrared Security System 509

US Air Force approved, the Active Infrared Security System 509 is a flexible and customizable indoor or outdoor infrared intrusion detection solution.

TUNNEL RAT Communications Pucks (TRCP)

A small, secure, and expendable communication device designed to provide high-bandwidth, continuous communication deep into subterranean and dense urban environments. Continued re-use or simply leave them behind.

Terrestrial Black Box™ (TBB)

ShadowTech Labs’ patented technology provides investigators with forensic data immediately after an attack to allow for the rapid capture and neutralization of the building/planning/financing cell responsible for the attack.