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US Air Force approved Active Infrared IDS towers provide perimeter security in any extreme environment including applications where other sensors are challenged.


• Each Active Infrared IDS is comprised of two towers providing detection of intrusions with a recommended zone length of 100 meters (Note: system capable of operating at up to 300 meters, however adverse weather conditions may increase the incidence of false and nuisance alarms)

• Two standard tower configurations provide various heights of infrared detection up to 6 meters (20 feet) above grade

• Sensor optic and electronic components are installed within a robust, hermetically sealed cast aluminum tower providing protections against the harshest of environments

• Extruded cast aluminum tower provides resistance against scalability

• Shore powered


• internal battery back-up, integrated pressure tamper switch for detection of bridging attempts

Security Applications:

• flight line areas, restricted access areas, weapons storage areas (WSA), critical assets, etc.

• USAF IDS Equipment Approved for Security in Nuclear and Non-Nuclear Areas