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ITUS is a rapidly deployable dual technology tower, utilizing infrared sensors and thermal imaging cameras providing both alarm assessment and video analytics for detection.


• ITUS is comprised of two towers with advanced active infrared sensors and thermal imaging cameras

• ITUS provides a self-contained, rapidly deployable, tactical, first line of defense

• Designed to be used in combination with SENTINEL, ITUS provides all the same powerful SENTINEL analytic features, to include alarm annunciation, pre and post alarm video capture, and geo-accurate mapping and display

• ITUS may also be used with other interfaces

• Designed to run on battery power for immediate operation, the kit also easily transitions to shore power, generator, or utilizes covert solar panels (optional)


• Each set of ITUS towers provides intrusion detection with a recommended zone length of 100 meters (Note: system capable of operating at up to 300 meters, however adverse weather conditions may increase the incidence of false and nuisance alarms)

Kit includes:

• (2) dual technology towers with active infrared sensors and thermal imaging cameras

• (1) expandable power module (EPM) (power for transmit tower; includes 4 charge-in-place/hot-swappable batteries)

• (1) field integration node (FIN) (power and data transport for receive tower; includes 2 charge-in-place/hot-swappable batteries)

• (1) IP tactical/software defined radio (for wireless alarm/video/sensor data transmission to SENTINEL and OVERWATCH graphical user interface)

• (6) spare batteries for EPM and FIN, (1) spare battery for radio, system cables & ruggedized casing


• 2-person set up fully operational in 1 hour

• minimal training; intuitive operation

• “plug & play” with SENTINEL kits


• additional spare batteries, stand-alone battery charger

Security Applications:

• flight line areas, restricted access areas, hangar and bay doors, short-term critical asset/high-value storage (ammo, equipment, etc.), and any long open space perimeter where assets need protection