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SENTINEL kits are our customized-to-mission, ruggedized, rapidly deployable kitted form factors.

• VANGUARD & OVERWATCH system hardware and software in hardened/ruggedized housing

• Scalable / Modular: seamlessly and quickly expand with more kits for larger areas and a layered security approach

• Common Operating Picture across entire network and area of operation

• Self-sustaining: 12-hour+ battery back-up with in-place charging or hot-swappable

• Flexible power options: shore-power, generator, or solar power

• Kits are designed to specific mission, threats, and environments, and remain further and highly customizable

• SENTINEL is Tested and proven by the most stringent standards of the Department of Energy (DOE)/National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and currently in use at nuclear power sites across the USA

Current Kit Offerings:

SENTINEL Expeditionary Security Kit (ESK): Designed for forward-deployed units operating in hostile and unknown threat environments, SENTINEL ESK is a rapidly deployable, net-centric, self-sustaining, scalable force protection kit.

SENTINEL Small Team Security Kit (STSK): Designed to meet the requirements of a 12-person team on 12 to 48-hour missions, the STSK is a flexible, rapidly deployable, self-sustained, multi-sensor, intrusion detection, assessment, and communications kit.

SENTINEL-911 Perimeter Security Kit: A scaled-down version of our powerful and proven defense and nuclear market rapidly deployable, modular, self-sustaining, perimeter security solution. Designed specifically for domestic emergency and disaster response requirements.

Safe House Operations Kit (SHOK): A security and situational awareness kit based on specific special operator collaboration, SHOK is extremely lightweight, covert, and full of artificial intelligence functionality.