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A small, secure, and expendable communication device designed to provide high-bandwidth, continuous communication deep into subterranean and dense urban environments. Continued re-use or simply leave them behind.


• Tunnel Rat Communications Pucks (TRCP) extend high-bandwidth, self-healing/self-forming MANET secure video/data/voice communications around corners, beyond changes in elevation, and through other signal deprived or disrupted

• About the size of a hockey puck, lightweight, rugged, low-cost, and may be tethered to any IP tactical/software defined radio or used standalone

• Collect and re-use or leave in place (“zero” command) upon mission completion

• Each puck provides approximately 35 square meters of network coverage and/or 35 meters of linear signal extension

• 8-hour battery life (internal/rechargeable)

Kit Includes:

• (25) pucks, sealed (approximately 875 meters of linear signal extension)

• (4) pucks with tethering/connection ports (connect to IP tactical/software defined radio, unmanned vehicle/robot, or external sensors)

• (2) wireless chargers


• directional lighting, mounting points, strobe/flash lighting, internal GPS, integrated sensors, etc.

Security Applications:

• remotely operated vehicle clearing operations, warfighter operations in dense urban areas, EOD, SOF, CBP, etc.