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Built on ShadowTech’s powerful VANGUARD data management architecture and OVERWATCH user interface, VIRTUS offers an integrated full-site Security System Command Center.


• This Command, Control, Communicate, Computers, and Counterintelligence (C5) kit offers informed decision making through real-time situational awareness in any fixed or mobile security application

• VIRTUS presents a consolidated common operating picture

• Designed for use with ShadowTech SENTINEL kits to provide dynamic security platform displaying live video, camera call up, video sequencing, pre-and-post video alarm assessment, geo mapping, sensor integration, access control, data management, and site communications

• Easily operated by a single system specialist

Kit Includes:

• (1) monitor tree/stand

• (2) 32” monitors for camera viewing

• (1) 32” monitor for alarm and access control data, pre/post alarm and call-up monitor

• (1) computer / workstation


• additional monitors (various sizes available), additional workstations, game controllers for PTZ operation, etc.

Security Applications:

• base defense operation center (BDOC), forward operating base (FOB), and any expeditionary or austere location requiring a security system command center

Customizable to your mission requirements.